Girls 92.5 Jewellery

Hallmarked Sterling Silver

Our children's jewellery features a cherry-picked selection of precious 92.5 sterling silver designs, ranging from cute enamel & stunning crystal ear studs, to pendants, bracelets and more, specifically tailored towards little girls and tweens.

All our jewellery designs are hallmarked 925 solid Sterling Silver, which is the popular choice when choosing silver jewellery, as sterling silver is well known for its strength, durability and beauty.

92.5 Stering Silver Jewellery
Austrian Preciosa Crystals

Austrian Preciosa Crystals

Our encrusted jewellery designs are made using Austrian Preciosa Crystals, which are created using traditional hand-blown techniques, which gives the crystals their high quality, luxury exterior and shine.  Austrian Preciosa Crystals are also the leading rhinestones used in Fashion and Jewellery accessories, after Swarovski.

Quality Assured Jewellery

We are passionate about the products and service we offer and hold high values and ethics as a business,  as such we only use suppliers who share the same ethos.

Our jewellery suppliers are UK based and are also regulated members of The National Association of Jewellers (NJA), formerly, British Jewellery Association (BJA), which ensures quality products, professionalism, knowledge, integrity & honesty is of a high level and standard within the industry.

The National Association of Jewellers

Frequently Asked Questions

Sterling silver is well known for its strength, durability and beauty, which is why it is a favourite choice when choosing silver jewellery.

Pure silver is too soft for the jewellery making process, so sterling silver, which is an alloy of silver, goes through an additional process of plating with pure silver, which can also help to prevent tarnishes.

It is this plating process which gives 92.5 silver its name and also the extra shine sterling silver obtains within its many beautifully designed, jewellery pieces.

Yes, our jewellery is Hypoallergenic and nickel free.

Hypoallergenic is a term used to describe jewellery that is of a low risk of causing any kind of irritation or allergic reaction to the skin, more so because the metal used needs to be of pure form, such as gold, silver, stainless steel, platinum, titanium or copper, to name a few.

We our pleased to only provide jewellery which is hypoallergenic and sourced from reputable UK suppliers, which makes our jewellery ideal and a great choice for young children.

E-coating is a hypoallergenic, clear coating which is used to help prevent tarnishes on jewellery, so if a jewellery item has had this process done, this is what it refers to.

Epoxy is a type of coating which when used, gives a tough and hardened finish, it is also chemical resistent and easy to clean.

Epoxy colour is mainly used on jewellery items that have been created using enamelled designs.

Austrian Preciosa Crystals are known for their brilliance and shine. Made using traditional hand blown glass techniques and originating from the Czech Republic, Preciosa create beautiful precision cut glass crystals, which do not only offer luxury but are also an ever popular equivilent to Swarowski Crystals.

When caring for your silver jewellery, it is important to prevent tarnishes from occuring, so silver jewellery should always be kept in the original box or gift bag you received it in to prevent air from causing such tarnishing, or if not possible, a jewellery box or alternative air tight container.

It is also important to keep silver jewellery away from moisture and water as this can also cause tarnishing, discolouration and damage to your jewellery.

Using a silver polishing cloth on your jewellery can help to maintain the jewellery's natural shine and also provides extra protection from possible tarnishing.

All our jewellery purchases come complete with a free jewellery polishing cloth and care card to help you keep your new jewellery looking beautiful for longer.

You can also look at our jewellery care tips below for additional information. 

If you have small tarnishes these may be cleaned using a silver jewellery polishing cloth and by also using a jewellery bath, these are usually tubs of soloution which you dip and leave your jewellery in, these can be bought online from all good retailers.

There are also hacks such as using vinegar, foil and bicarbonate of soda but we would always suggest doing some research into these before attemtping them yourself, especailly if the jewellery is a special piece.

If possible always try to follow any  jewellery care tips or advice to intially prevent tarnishing, as prevention is always better and easier than cure.

Other than ear studs, which cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons, unless damaged or faulty.

All other jewellery items can be returned, as long as they have not been worn and are in their original, new condition and come in the original packaging and are re-sellable. (as we are a small business returns are at the expense of the customer)

Jewellery as a rule is priced based on varying factors, these factors include.

  • Weight
  • Size 
  • Type of jewellery
  • If it contains gems or stones
  • Material and/or size of the gems and/or stones
  • Decoration, such as enamel, glitter
  • Brand

For example, a pair of ear studs will vary in price depending on the above factors, so even if a piece of jewellery is bigger in size than another, if the larger jewellery is plain and another has decoration, for example gems, then the decorated jewellery piece would be more expensive, even if it is smaller in size.